Health & Safety

Health and safety principles are being driven by the senior management in the business who have all taken and passed the IOSH managing safely qualification. We are committed to improving the standard of health and safety in the construction industry for the benefit of all. Innovative design and product development is being used to set industry standards and revise best practice.

To monitor and preserve quality output we have implemented ISO9001:2008 quality management systems, this gives clients the assurity that the quality of the product will perform to the highest standard time and time again.

All superstructures designed and supplied by Frame-Tech Structures are eligible for cover from major insurers such as NHBC, Zurich and LABC. Our timber frame structures also comply with the minimum 60-year lifespan demanded by building societies and finance houses for lending purposes.

And to ensure the materials are available to future generations we take great pride in promoting the chain of custody (PEFC) that traces the legality of the timber that is harvest in the forests.


As part of the Structural Timber Association (STA) we take our responsibilities towards fire risk management seriously. The HSE have recently published an open letter to all stakeholders to spell out each designers / influencers responsibilities, we as frame designers are able to provide cost-effective solutions to overcome the problems of building in higher than usual risk areas. We have vast experience in designing into the frame risk mitigation measures which include anything from fire treated flooring to the use of non-combustible wall sheathing boards. The STA in conjunction with the HSE document “HSG168 Fire in construction” have published a minimum separation distance guide to bring clarity to the situation giving piece of mind to architects, contractors and specifies that timber frame structures are the solution and not the problem. Our recommendation would be for early engagement with a fire engineer to come up with a bespoke risk assessment for the specific block / site. This can alleviate any potential high risk areas of concern.


As a material, timber is widely recognised as being the most renewable source used in modern methods of construction. As a renewable resource, its main attribute is that it absorbs and thus reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, only released if it decays or is burnt.

By constantly monitoring the environmental impact, Frame-Tech is committed to responsible sourcing and can offer customers peace of mind when it comes to sourcing legal and sustainable timbers.

Increasingly consumers are seeking evidence of environmentally sound business practices, and reassurance along with proof from forest/timber-based industries that the wood used comes from sustainable managed sources.

Frame-Tech Structures Ltd is committed to purchasing timber that comes only from sustainable sources, sustainable means that more trees are planted than are cut down, therefore maintaining the world’s population of trees. There are now existing certification schemes that allow companies to be more certain of the origins of their timber materials, namely PEFC which is explained in depth in other documentation. Frame-Tech Structures, as part of its plan to be an environmentally aware company are members of PEFC schemes and are committed to maintaining the chain of custody standard.